Fun and useful media

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Fun Blogs/Tumblers

Tenure, She Wrote
Shit My Reviewers Say

Dynamic Ecology blog

Educational videos:

Collaborator websites:

Kenro Kusumi, ASU  vertebrate functional genomics, regeneration
Dale DeNardo, ASU reptile physiology
Melissa Wilson Sayres, ASU sex chromosome evolution and genomics
Rebecca Dorsey, U. Oregon process sedimentologist
Sara Imari Walker, ASU biophysics, emergence and quantification of life 
Brad Shaffer, UCLA   genomic/morphological diversification of herps
Timothy Webster, ASU  anthropological genomics
David Jacobs, UCLA evolution and development; bio-geological processes
Matthew Graham, ECSU biogeography of desert-adapted herps and invertebrates
Ryan Hechinger, Scripps/UCSD  eco-evolution of parasitism

Arvind Varsani, ASU molecular viromics
Ryan Ellingson, UCLAevolution of marine inverts, science communication
Julio Lorda, AUBCparasitology, conservation, biodiversity
Scott Bennett, USGS structural geologist
Adrian Munguía-Vegagenomic approaches to biodiversity, conservation
Ben Wilder, U of Arizonadesert ecology and botany, conservation & paleoecology
Brian Hausback, CSUS volcanologist
Andrés Lira-Noriega, CONACyT remote sensing, niche & species distribution modeling
NGEN- Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers

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