I invite students from all different intellectual and cultural backgrounds to join our research group, which I run jointly with Dr. Kenro Kusumi. Email me if you are interested in an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral position.

IMG_6893PI: Dr. Greer Dolby

Evolutionary biology, population genomics, Earth processes, causality and statistical modeling. Read more, Curriculum vitae

Graduate students

imageJoey Orton, PhD student — integrated physiological & transcriptomic response to seasonality among diverse animals in Baja California

imageRaúl Araya-Donoso, PhD student — integrated genomic adaptation and ecological niche evolution of Dipodomys and Sceloporus species in Baja California

imageSarah Baty, PhD student
— integration of geologic data and genomic divergence to understand evolution of desert plants.


imageMatheo Morales, PhD student (Yale University) — information theoretic measures and their application to comparative genomics

imageYash Sharma — gene family evolution of heat shock factors across tetrapods

Headshot AlexAlex Yu — comparative evolutionary genomics and bioinformatics of tetrapods

imageGage Keranen — educational animations for Earth-life science