I invite students from all different intellectual and cultural backgrounds to join our research group, which I run jointly with Dr. Kenro Kusumi. We are committed in inclusivity and anti-racist practices in our group. Email me if you are interested in an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral position.

IMG_6893PI: Dr. Greer Dolby

Evolutionary biology, population genomics, Earth processes, causality and statistical modeling. Read more, Curriculum vitae

Graduate students

Raúl Araya-Donoso, PhD student — niche evolution and adaptive genomic divergence of Baja California desert animals (Dipodomys and Sceloporus).

Sarah Baty, PhD student — integration of multi-‘omic and geologic data to understand evolution, adaptation, and speciation of desert brittle bush, Encelia farinosa.

Bri McCoy, PhD student — modeling of multi-level genomic controls on the aging phenotype across animals.

Joey Orton, PhD student — physiological adaptation and gene expression in response to rainfall asynchrony across desert animals in the southwestern warm deserts.



Alex Yu, Barrett Honors student — comparative evolutionary genomics of the notch signaling pathway.

Alexandra Cuddy, Online student — Structural Equation Modeling with genetic and phenotypic data.

Yash Sharma, Barrett Honors student — gene family evolution of heat shock factors across tetrapods.

Bryan Yavari, Barrett Honors student–population genomics and information theory of diverging lineages.

Dylan Wang, Barrett Honors student— birth, death, and duplication of SMG genes across tetrapods.

Lab Alumni

Matheo Morales, now PhD student at Yale University; GRFP & Gruber Fellow — information theoretic measures and their application to comparative genomics.